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Friday, January 24, 2014

Feature Friday 1/24/2014

  Hello and welcome to my Feature Friday post for this week!! 
It's my lucky day to showcase (Feature) some of the work by my blog followers this week!

These are  my Friday Feature Blogger Favs for this week...
I just love the detail of this card. There's so much to discover.
please go visit Nancy at her blog and see what other great projects she's been working on.
I love the colors, image and design of this card. he's so cute!
Send some love her way over at her blog.

I hope you enjoyed my Follower Favs for this week.

Have a craft-filled Friday and hope to see you back tomorrow for Scrapbook Saturday!  Now it's your turn to make something beautiful!

 Thank you again to my followers and if  your a visitor and you'd like a chance to be my Featured Blogger, win some blog candy and you want a "Shout Out" with a link to your blog. Just become a follower of 
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( Unfortunately, there are some who have not posted in the comments or sent me the link to their blog in an email. I will not be hunting for your blog so if you don't post your blog address I won't be able to link it up)


Melissa @ M Miranda Creations said...

Thanks, Amy, for featuring my card today! I truly appreciate it!!!

Nancy Keller said...

Aww.. That is so sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed the hero cards... I wish I could have been there to see the reaction from the little Veteran man that we sent the "navy" one too. I hope he liked it. Found out that he took our old flag to be disposed of in a proper ceremony, and replaced it with a brand new one. Isn't that sweet? :) have a great weekend!!!

Sandy said...

I totally love Nancy's work....and thanks for sharing Miranda's too, off to check her out.

Unknown said...

Your welcome Melissa! He's adorable and I love to be inspired by those who enjoy my work.

Unknown said...

My Pleasure Nancy! Yes, I love the impact we are making at OWH. With all the sadness in the news lately and the mismanagement of our country it's a privileged to give back to the ones who are doing the sacrificial hands on work everyday.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sandy for stopping by. I know you've got your hands full and your time is limited I'm sure. I appreciate the time you took to visit and comment. Thanks for all the hard work you do for our country and God Bless you, your pets and your family.