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Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Crafty Goals

 Hi There! 
So this is a different Monday Post. 
This is my Design Team Project week. It's funny how all my teams fall one behind the other on the same alternate weeks so I'm going to let the challenge blogs and Sponsors shine.

However, I still want to get in a Monday post so I thought it would be fun to share with you my crafting goals for this year. I got this idea from one of my followers Sara S. @ Folded Paper & Printed Pixels

So here goes....

Last year my goal was to not buy any patterned paper since I had accumulated a lifetime supply in the first 2 years or so of my scrapbooking/cardmaking adventure. I did pretty well. I can only recall buying a few sheets from my Local Scrapbooking store. Their paper is so delicious (and no, I don't eat the paper lol)! Those of you who have the luxury of a LSS know what I'm talking about. Dangerous place to be for a crafter. lol

Since I did pretty good with my one goal for 2013 I think I'll jump in with a few more for 2014. 

 First, I want to add to my Copic collection. I have about 60 that I've accumulated one by one with Michaels coupons but I do not have enough to do good shading and I have only one skin tone-how boring. So I want to expand my collection.

Second, I want a set of those Perfect Paper Perfect Layer rulers sets. I like to do layers on my cards and so I think this tool set would be a good investment.

Third, I want to attend my first weekend crop away! I've been scrapbooking for about 3 1/2 years and have never been to one. I've always heard how much fun they are and there's one not to far away from me; about a 3 hour drive away to NH. It's a Faith Crafting Reteat at Singing Hills

Fourth, would be one to step out of myself and give to others a little more. 
I typically make cards for a wonderful organization Operation Write Home. I can usually get about 1 large flat rate box and maybe a smaller box or a large envelope more a year but this year I really want to do more. 
I average about 140 cards a year. My goal is to do 150+. I know my goal only surpasses by 10 cards but one new thing this year is my 5 design team commitments . Those cards are not typically Operation Write Home friendly. (meaning those chunky embellished cards that are so beautiful wouldn't meet the OWH criteria for easily mail-able cards) I may even put a tracker on my blog....what ya think?

Finally, my last crafting goal is to get the 2013 photos I have and get them all scrapbooked by May so I can keep current through 2014. (I just finished 2012 yesterday!)

Those are my goals for 2014 and thank you to Sara for the idea!



Unknown said...

what an amazing set of goals! I have a few, but they are kind of all over the place... I want to create some of my embellishments... and play around with different techniques and type of art... I wouldn't be able to do the not buying any papers.... I'm addicted! but the one I really want to achieve is: use my scraps more, and not to look for brand new sheets of papers every time I make a card!
Have a lovely day!
Mirella DK xx

Sara S. said...

This is a wonderful set of goals! Best of luck to you fulfilling them! (I like the counter idea!)