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My Cakes

These are just a few of the cakes I've made over the years. All of the elements are made out of sugar and are edible. All the flowers are handmade sugar paste flowers assembled by hand by me one petal or leaf at a time. The babies asnd baby bassinets are made out of sugar by me too.









 Cupcakes for kids event with "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" movie

Michael Jackson

 Mini Wedding Cakes

Handmade sugar paste flowers

Yes, I know I made the symbol backwards, uggh! lol

Sugar paste flower bouquet

All the popcorn is made out of sugar paste

Handmade sugarpaste flower bouquet

Bow is made out of sugarpaste


Chana Malkah said...

Fabulous cakes! I am not a huge fan of fondant (too much handling) but I love the design freedom it has brought to the cake decorating world. I really liked the two Baby Shower Cakes. Nice!

My Creative Therapy said...

OMGosh Amy your cakes are gorgeous!! Did you make the babies out of fondant? Wow!

Kathi :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Chana! I've slowed down on the cake making...too much cake makes for a big....well everything. lol

Unknown said...

Yup Kathi, I made everything out of gumpaste/sugar paste or fondant. The bassinette, babies, flowers and all. Thanks for the compliments.

Sam K said...

Wow Amy your cakes are so stunning, I could of done with your advice when i made my first 'proper' character cake a little while ago...hehe...These truly are great, I'm in awe :)
Little Pear Tree

Mirella said...

These are lovely! You made me hungry ;-)

craftysahmiam said...

Fabulous cakes ! I like each and every one of them, amazing details. The cat and the dog are adorable =)