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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Creative Encouragement - seaside

Hello and Happy Sunday!
We all have heard about doing an act of kindness for someone else just to brighten our world and even our own day! I happen to stumble across Art Abandonment and thought what a great idea but I don't make works of art although, you could consider my cards small works of art. 

So...I jumped right in and put together my first act of  what I call Creative Encouragement. It's my endeavor to leave some cheer for someone to find with an encouraging message written inside one of my handmade cards. 

Here's my latest act of random encouragement. 
I left it on a rock along the walking path at Colt State Park in RI.

If your a card maker, I hope you join me with leaving a little Creative Encouragement and send me an email with a picture of where you left your card and I'll post your picture to my blog.
I bagged the card in a small ziplock so it would be protected from any weather if I decided to leave it outside. I punch a hole in the top about the ziplock and attached my tags. The tag behind the brown one just  says this is a gift for you, a little blurb and my blog address so they can come back and tell me where they found this card. I also stamped "handmade card"  on the back.

Have a fabulous Sunday and go make something beautiful!

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Kim's Kreations said...

This is a wonderful idea. I can imagine someone picking this up and it making their day better. I might give this a try myself, Thanks for the inspiration. Kim