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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baby Gerbils

I mentioned on an earlier post that my daughter wanted to buy some gerbils. These were her first pets other than the 1 goldfish that didn't last very long. 

We bought them on a Saturday afternoon about 12 days ago and bought the last 3 which were all girls. We were planning to buy two but knowing gerbils are very social we felt bad leaving 1 alone so I told her I would claim 2 and help supply food etc for their care. They would live with hers in the same cage in her bedroom so essentially they would be hers. We claimed a mother and 2 daughters. We named them Molly,  Mabel and Mia. 

Well within 36 hours of ownership Molly gave birth to 8 pups. What a surprise! We have actually enjoyed watching them nurture and care for the pups. the daughters have been very possessive of the babies and we've taken them out for several hours a day so mom can have the chance to feed them. It's been a great experience. 

I held them for the first time today to try to determine which are boys and which are girls. After reading online that you could hold them after 10 days and that the timing for determining their sex is optimal at 10 days making sure you wash your hands really well and take the mother out so she won't get stressed about it I attempted to do just that.  5 girls and 3 boys.

Here are some photos, enjoy!

5 days old

10 days old

So Cute!

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