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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Purple Pocket Letters

Hello and welcome to All Things Beautiful! A place to share my crafty side!
Today's post is all about Pocket Letters. If you've never heard about Pocket Letters (PL), you can find more here.

Today's Pocket Letters are:  Pretty in Purple!
I had two swap partner that love purple so I created these two PL at the same time.

Some elements are the same but many are different.

I made these PL interactive, meaning I tried to incorporate as many moving pocket letter cards as I could by making and using mini greeting cards, notebooks, shaker pockets,
flap books, envelope pockets and more....

I also used my Card Candy as an embellishment on one of the Pocket Cards.

This is a flap book. I used lots of flowers and encouraging statements.

Then finally, I decorated the tops using tags with the recipients first initial, a pretty matching gem, some ribbon and a scripture tag as always.

added a Thank you card for swapping and they were done!

If you are interested in making and swapping a pocket letter you don't have to go to the lengths I di or if you want you can make it more elaborate! It is all up to you.
I hope you like my post today and find time to be creative yourself. Now it's your turn to go make something beautiful!

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Billie A said...

Sweet. Very creative and like the color choices.