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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tonight's Fancy Dessert

The kids are away in New Hampshire for their week vacation so that means I get peace and quiet, the remote and the cat! I don't have to hear children bickering or fighting over the remote or the cat! lol

Anyway, I thought i would make a fancy dessert to go with the dinner my husband was making for us tonight.  This is for those who thought I've given up the sugar may not be a fancy cake but it sure is fancy.
Mocha chocolate jumbo cupcake filled with almond buttercream topped with chocolate ganache and a homemade strawberry puree (fresh strawberries, a little sugar and the help of the blender), french vanilla icecream (what makes it french anyway?) and buttercream roses for decoration. 

Could never serve this to the kids. I'd hear, uggh! do we have to eat that, what's the red stuff?, I don't want the read stuff!, Can i just have ice-cream?, or why can't we just get McDonalds? lol

I still miss em' and will be glad to have them home at the end of the week. 

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