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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Crafty Set-up

I've come up with a few ways to organize some areas of my craft space. I think sometimes i spend more time organizing than I do Hopefully I'll inspire you with a few ideas.
I repurposed these wooden cubes. I used them when my kids were little to store their books. When they weren't being used i put wheels on the bottom and now they house my scrapboking paper which is organized by colored patterned paper on the left and then by theme in the cub on the right. The colored cardstock also has a folder organized by color.
So I had way too much ribbon! I went to Home Depot and bought wooden dowels, ask them to cut them in 12 inch lengths, bought some hooks and nuts that would fit the dowels and hung them down the side of my craft closet. They are out of the way, put in a place that wasn't being used and displayed so I can often hold up a card or layout to a ribbon before cutting. The dowels can be removed from the hooks to remove empty rolls and add new rolls. I was able to fit 10 rows of these on one side of my closet. Total price about $12.00
I actually got this idea form someone on Youtube. Sorry don't remember from who. I bought the container from target and the photo box at JoAnns. I seperated the cartridges using the photo cards that came in the photo box. Since I use a Gypsy I rarely need to shuffle through the Cricut cartridge boxes and I wanted to free up some space yet still have them handy if needed. The container fits 42 cartridges.
This has really freed up a lot of space on my work table. I wanted to do this for a while and I had the buckets on my desk (dollar section at Target) but all the coat racks were $18+ dollars and I couldn't justify the cost. When I saw this rack at Home Depot for $5.00 I snatched it up. It is actually a utility rack meant to hold rakes and shovels. I hang the buckets full of stuff and the top portion holds my trimmer out of the way as well as some misc. photos and brick a brack that I'll get to sooner or later. I also hung my OWH card sketches (held in page protectors) so they are right there when I need them.
These are the best! I bought thse about 8 years ago from Staples for my classroom and when they were no longer needed I knew I could use them for my crafting. I fit them under my craft table out of the way and they turn so everything is accessable. The organizer fits my 8.5 x 11 card stock perfectly, silly sissors, binders with my stamps, Shrinky Dinks, accordian folder with scraps, etc. etc. Just love it!
So where do all the tiny scraps of paper go but still have them close touse on cards? In a pencil case.


Paula S. said...

Thanks for sharing your organization tips. Great ideas... I love those organizers from Staples!

Nancy Keller said...

Cute cute! I love the hanging buckets! Thanks for sharing, Amy!

Jen M said...

That rake shelf with the buckets rocks, and I love your wooden boxes with the wheels added! Super inventive. :) I use a pencil case for scraps, too. LOL

Missy said...

Your ribbon stash is so organized. Mine are everywhere. I may need to see about organizing this way.
OWH Blog Team